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What is X-Oriente?

  • X-Oriente (Ex Oriente) means "From the East." X-Oriente is a half-hour Podcast (MP3) dedicated to those Freemasons who are young (and young at heart). X-Oriente seeks to inform, inspire, entertain and challenge you. Each issue will be packed with news, discussion, ideas, tools and interviews with Freemasons who are making a difference. We welcome your comments, ideas and submissions at


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Eric Diamond has been a Freemason since 1999 and attends his mother lodge, Oriental Lodge No.33 where he is currently going through the chairs. He is a 32ยบ Scottish Rite Mason and has participated and directed several degrees in the Scottish Rite. He is active in the York Rite in both Chapter and Council and is a member of Lux ex Oriente Council No. 379 Allied Masonic Degrees.

While I find Masonic history interesting (and has done primary historical research on his lodge), my real interest is in social research, exploring the issues and tools that will help revitalize Masonry in the 21st century. Masonry has something to give to society and it is needed now more than ever: not as a collection of pleasant social supper clubs but as a transformative influence on the world.

The purpose of X-Oriente is to help unite Masons who feel that Masonry should be more than just a nice meal with friends. It is a 20-40 minute Podcast that revolves around ideas that might be of interest to Freemasons, exploring the whys and wherefores of Masonry.

Each show will explore an idea or topic. Sometimes the topics will extend from Masonic practice into civics, philosophy, social sciences, literature and art. X-Oriente also is a passionate advocate for critical thinking skills. We'll never stop asking why, and we'll always look for evidence to back up our assertions.

Finally, X-Oriente is a community. We welcome constructive criticism and feedback both written and audio. If you would like to contribute to the show, do a segment or just weigh in, please contact us. Your communication is why I'm doing this.

Fiat Vox!