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January 19, 2009


Chester Hall

I am surprised that you do not have any profound comments yet agreeing with your point's but i guess that is fine also.I agree with your statement's and the Human Being is "One" entity... but those who seek to divide us has put a chisel between all thing's that make us one,under the fatherhood of TGAOTU.Once we grow up and decide to strive for togetherness as children of TGAOTU no matter what color, male or female ...that is when we are glorifying the Architect.Iam a Co-Freemason and we have seen this for a long time,we will all be dragged along by the force of evolution!


David Jung

Well done Eric, as Brother Chester said. You always find the mushy middle and stand on it like firmament!

We've had a couple black men join in recent years. We are pleased to call them brother! But I wonder what it is like for them, and whether they considered the Prince Hall lodge that meets in the same building.

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